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The band formed in 1975 with the idea to compose its own songs and to find its own style.

20’000 Miles Under The Sea

The first album was released in 1978. We recorded and remixed it at the Sunrise Studios in Switzerland in autumn 1977. The record was released on Vinyl only (CDs were unknown at that time). A few rare copies of this album are still available on Vinyl trading platforms.

For all our friends we released a remastered version of the full album on YouTube.

See on Youtube

Space Storm

1979 Peter Fibich (drums) and Dieter Ruf (guitar, vocals) joined the band and brought in some new musical ideas. This resulted in the second album ‘Space Storm’.  We recorded these 9 tracks in 1980 at Sunrise Studios too. But only 8 tracks were released on the Vinyl album.

We remastered  the old studio tapes and we did find the missing track! We added it to the YouTube copy that you can find here:

See on Youtube

The Legend  (CD)

This is a best of CD with 15 tracks, including the title song Space Storm  which was not published on the original Vinyl record.